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Choose amount of pages to go forward
Greetings, first thankyou for an amazing comic book reader app, this is the only app I use on my windows tablet and its amazing, I love the border detection and the slider to go to any page.
I have two tablets (chuwi hi12) that both load Comics++,
I have single page view and set tablets next to each other with the first tablet one page below the other,
using Input Director (Software KVM to Control Multiple Computers) I have set it to when I press forward on one tablet it sends the same command to the other tablet, hence (using bluetooth keyboard) I have basically a book using two tablets.
Thing is though for it to behave like a book I would need to go two pages ahead (on each tablet) instead of one.
Atm I've created a hotkey (using AHK) to send right command as two right commands, since the tablet has a very slow processor theirs a delay.
Please would you consider implementing an option to decide how many pages Comics++ would go forward, as maybe an advance feature. If not, your programme still rocks, thanks
I plan to make a youtube video on how this looks and works and its pretty amazing, the chuwi hi12 has an amazing screen.

the closest thing I could find that shows in principle what im talking about is something like this
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