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Comics databases url on your officiel website

The first anomaly I detected on your website and your software is unthinkable. A comic reader that offers no link to comics websites (the opposite doesn't exist).

I guess a partnership between you and the comic book suppliers (legals, of course) will generate money for your team. The fact that CB databases urls are visible in the Comics ++ software also seems a good idea (as Lili USB Creator offers operating systems compatible with its operation).

Thanks for Comics++ ! Smile
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You're welcome!

Actually it is very easy to add a loader that can fetch pages from the internet. Our loading architecture was designed to easily plug in variety of loaders. I thought about adding it in the past but there are already tons and tons of other apps that does that, and they do it quite well.

No one has approached us or even suggested to support linked comics before you, so we never bothered. If you know groups that might be interested in paid partnerships feel free to ask them to shoot an email to us.

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