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Some pages (at random) don't load at all
(12-02-2018, 10:43 PM)Ninja_Gah Wrote:  hey thanks using the app!

May I ask how big are the file sizes you are loading, how many pages per archive, and what is the storage device you are loading the file from?

I've personally seen this happen if the file is large and it's being loaded over a network storage. I investigated this before and there is no quick fix to it because it's the network is actually being dropped as the file is being streamed over, an is most likely an issue with the UWP software kit.

You can can also try maxing the preload buffer see if that helps. If you can provide me with a download link to an archive that have this problem I could also take a look.

we'll probably just add a referesh button somewhere easily accessible in case this happens. A workaround you can do is turn on/off auto downsize or border removal to refresh page, at least you don't have to reload the entire book.

Hi Ninja, and happy new year to all the team behind Comics++, hope you had a good one!

Thank you for the reply. I'm loading the files from a Samsung microSD Card inserted in the tablet which otherwise is very fast (as fast, or more, as the tablet's embedded flash memory). I'm saying this for the sake of information only, not to suggest anything technical. The problem persists, but a quicker workaround which I ended up accidentally discovering is to simply toggle fullscreen off and then on again (through the shortcut icon at the bottom right corner of the screen). The files have about 500MB in size and 250 pages, in average, but the issue also happens with files in the 200MB range.

It happened with virtually every file I tried to read so far, but to give you a specimen, pick any volume between 1 and 11 from Berserk from, for example (its 502'ing right now from where I am but should be back online eventually), if you wanna test it out for yourself.

A refresh function sounds awesome. I would like to make clear that this app is already perfect for my needs even with its imperfections and above all I am very grateful. I'm just reporting it to try and do a part in making it even better. I know that must be obvious, but I think it must be said loud and clear sometimes.

Thanks again for your work and support!

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