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Some pages (at random) don't load at all
Hi! Immediately apologize for my speech!
This is google translator. But I think you will understand me.

I want to say that I also had this problem. (Using HDD)
According to my observations, this did not depend on the type of file. For it happened with .ZIP .RAR as well as unzipped files of type .PNG .JPG
If we talk about the size, it is from (~10mb/~30pic) and to (~350mb/~350pic)
Made changes "Preload Buffer", but it did not help.

But the solution was simple. Close/Open program.
Place of closure and opening matched. And I just kept reading further.

I hope you will support and develop it further.
Thanks for the app.

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RE: Some pages (at random) don't load at all - Dante_XP - 12-08-2018, 11:17 PM

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