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Pdf manga not loading, or loading so slowly it's unreadable
First off, I really like comics++, which is why I'd love sort out this pdf issue so I can stop using a crappy pdf Reader to read my new bundle of manga.

I just got a big bundle of manga from Kodansha through humble bundle and, just like the last bundle, the cbz scans are atrocious (think 1990's fax machine bad). So I grab the PDF versions instead, which are great but comics++ chokes on them. If the pages load at all it's so slowly and randomly that it's unreadable (I waited 15min and it was still loading). I understand these might be large files (200-500mb) but any straight pdf viewer (xodo, Sumatra etc) open pages instantly and have zero issues. They stink as comics readers compared to comics++ though so I'd love to get it resolved. Please let me know if there is anything I can do on my end!

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We use the default PDF renderer that Microsoft provides, which is very slow for pdf with images. I'll add this to our backlog, we'll swap it out with a third party renderer after we are done with our experimentations. In the meantime, I would suggest use a tool to convert pdf to jpg/png and read from that instead.

Thanks for supporting the app after all these years! You were one of the first to comment on the forum!

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