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Ability to chance touch zones for page control
I'd love to see the ability to change the touch zones, at least for controlling page forward/page backward.
I use Comics++ on a tablet in various positions and I'd love to be able to progress forward and back with either hand. At the moment to move left you have to press the left size of the screen, and vice versa.
Perfect viewer has this option, where you can set functions manually to different areas of the screen.

This is probably the ideal set up for me:
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I agree, it would be nice to have.
Unfortunately it seems that the developers don't have much time to commit to this project.

At the moment I think only Pico Viewer has this feature:
I'll put this in our low priority backlogs. Unfortunately for this year the releases will be seldom as we are doing more experiments than adding features. Hopefully we'll have something to show soon. I hope you guys understand and thanks for the continued support!

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