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Image interpolation/scaling/filtering algorithms.
I request implementation of advanced image interpolation algorithms like bicubic etc.
Here I provide a comparison of very same two pages displayed in Comics++ and Readia with the high-quality bicubic interpolation enabled. In my opinion the image from Readia is nicer for the eyes, for some reason the difference is much more noticable on my 8 inch tablet (1200x1920px). Maybe in the feature you could implement some image filtering options as well(gaussian blur, bilateral maybe?).
Also I'd like to thank you very much for developing this great app. You guys are awsome!
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Comics++ probably uses Lanczos or some other sharp rendering.
That Readia hq bicubic looks to be much softer, but I guess it would be nice to have options.
So since we started using OpenCV the default downscale resize is bilinear, and subsequent resize using zoom is managed by UWP, and from my research I cannot determine what algorithm it uses. Whatever it is its extremely fast, and possibly GPU accelerated.

We will look into adding an "image processing" suite of options in the future which will likely include resize algorithm. Just note that replacing whatever default UWP uses will have a performance penalty.

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