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change location of page number
I'd love to see the page number located at the bottom of the page instead of the top left. As most pages start their text in that very spot, it can be frustrating as I have to wait for the page number to fade out before I can start reading. If it was at the bottom, I would know where to look for it when I want to know which page I am on, but when I don't need to know, it would not be in my way.

I hope this is an easy change!
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It's subjective. I personally prefer it to be near the top because that's where my eye is when I flip a page and I know how may pages are left, and it's translucent so it doesn't really affect my ability to view the page.

I think a better solution would be to have the page number popup along with the top menu bar if you tap the page. That way you can leave the show page number setting as disabled and if you need to quickly know what page you are on just tap once.

Does that sound good?

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