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The program does not start ****fixed since
Hi,I am from Russia therefore, in advance I apologize for my English.
Problem: When you try to open a .cbz file, this error occurs.
*сбой при удаленном вызове процедуры* = *remote procedure call failed*
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Can you upload the cbz somewhere and pm me a link for me to take a look? thanks
**link removed** Here is a link to the file that I can not open. But such an error appears with all the files, not only with this.
It works fine on my computer.

[Image: nqKIf5kl.png]

I don't think this is an issue with the app, but rather a Windows issue. It could be because of corrupt windows files, or some other app preventing necessary systems calls. I would first try reinstalling Comics++, else see:

edit: see next post
Quick update we discovered if you try and open a file directly through Windows explorer it may crash. However if you use the in app browser its fine. We've pushed an update to fix this issue and will be on the store in a few days.

In the meantime use the inapp browser instead. Thanks!

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