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Comics++ (and previous crash hot fixes) Release Notes
edit 12/09/2017
Release Version
All reports related to startup crashes, rendering crashes, and discoloration should be address as of This release fixes some alternate bugs we found plus some small quality of life improvements:
- Added folder thumbnails
    *Please note that only works if the folder thumbnail has been cached through the Windows Explorer, NOT Comics++. The reason is because thumbnail caching is an extremely slow and expensive process, which goes against the lightweight philosophy of Comics++. If you want thumbnails for your folders you can cache them through Windows Explorer and the app will subsequently get them as well.
- Added file drag and drop to open
- Fixed bad rendering of images with low bit rates
- Fixed crashing when certain corrupt images are loaded
- Fixed minor cosmetic issues with canvas profile manager

edit 12/2/2017
Hot Fix
- Fixed crashing when border removal is turned on for certain images
- Fixed crashing when image with certain exotic header info are loaded; may fix discoloration issue
Since the last build there are no more crashing on reinstall reports. Yay! This build focuses on crashing and rendering issues due to OpenCV rendering. Please continue to report further crashes.

edit 11/25/2017
Hot Fix
- Fixed crashing when the system does not have any Speech languages
This is what we believe is the last crash that is related to crashing on initialization. We will continue to pump out weekly releases (or quicker) until crashing is fixed on initialization. Please continue to report further crashes.

edit 11/22/2017
Hot Fix
Some are still reporting crash on launch, including reinstall. The suspect is now Microsoft's settings system is bugged, as the app should not be able to pass certification if crashing on launch. We changed this version to hard reset all settings if there is ANY failure during initialization process. Please continue to report further crashes. Thanks you!

edit 11/18/2017
Hot Fix
- Fixed crashing when files are opened externally (should address crashing issue for those who don't use the in-app file browser)
- Fixed crashing for out of range next/prev book voice control
- Fixed sort by name ordering problem in file browser

edit 11/11/2017
Hot Fix
- Fixed border removal crashing on blank pages
- Fixed sort order in archives that uses Unicode in file names (ANOTHER MICROSOFT BUG, we had to put in a workaround)

edit 11/4/2017
Hot Fix
- Due to the new settings infrastructure some users may experience crashes when launching the app. This can be caused by upgrading from a very old version of Comics++ or due to corrupt settings which was managed by Windows. This hot fix tries reset all settings in case the upgrade fails. Reinstalling the app should also fix crashing on startup.
- Fixed auto downsize not working due to using new image renderer

If you experience any other issues please let us know first!


Windows store looks more dead than we are! We bring you another Comics++ release with the long request border removal. For the geeks out there we now use OpenCV for image processing, which means we can have far more advanced image processing beyond border removal power at our disposal. We might just do something crazy with it Smile. This version also includes voice control so that you don't have to tap your mouse or keyboard with your greasy hands. Lastly, we've separated canvas settings into its own section and added canvas profiles so you can customize your canvas settings per book. For example you could have a profile for landscape/portrait, manga, comics, night/day mode etc. They also bind to book so you never have to set the settings your self per book again!

On a sad note, we are now dropping Windows 8/8.1 version because the user base is too tiny and supporting new canvas features for that is no longer worthwhile. will be the last version on Windows 8.

Comics++ Release Notes:
New Features
- Border removal
    Auto - let Comics++ determine what's best
    Aggressive, Very aggressive - cuts more into the frame than normal
- Voice control
    Control page navigation with your voice!
- Canvas profiles
    Canvas settings now separated from main settings
    Canvas profiles binds to the book
- Settings import and export
    Export saves 3 separate ini files: global settings, canvas settings (per profile), book settings (per book)
    Note that per book will not work if file paths are changed

General Fixes and Updates
- New backend settings system; your existing settings will be upgraded to the new system
- Fixed most recently read ordering
- Turning off auto downsize no longer needs to reopen the book
- Fixed crash warning poping up twice
- New partial french translation by rpeyron
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