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Single Cover Page in 2-Page View

TO accommodate some comics that use a double page spread (i.e. 2 separate pages combined to make one full image/spread), the cover page needs to be displayed as a single page so the numbering is correct and a double page spread marries up.

I'm not sure if that makes sense - and it might not be implementable if I understand the way CBZs are implemented, as a zip with images, but maybe using PDFs? I think Acrobat Reader has the option in 2-page mode.

I'll try and diagram it below:

Currently, in two page mode, the cover page is page 1, first page of content is page 2, so we'd get:

...and so on.

I'm requesting the option to change a setting (if required) so the cover page is on its own:

...and so on.

In any case, thanks for a fast, stable, add free app for comics reader in Windows. I prefer this even when reading PDF books and comics as well as zip/CBZs.

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I saw this feature in other readers but never really understood its use. Is this for page order for later pages? Or purely aesthetic?

In the meantime if you simply want to view two page spreads on the same screen simply jump to the page you want to view using the page preview bar (accessible by right clicking the screen or tapping/clicking lower left corner).

Anyways the feature is noted, and we'll add this in a future build.

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