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Comics++ ETA Oct 2017 ish?
Another update coming soon! This update focuses on two features:

- Border removal
- Voice controls

Border removal is a feature requested by many since the inception of Comics++. It is finally here! The addition of this feature also paved the way for more advance image processing and AI related features for the future, so more to be announced soon!

Voice control is more of a feature that I wanted personally. Have you ever ate at your desk while reading a comic or manga, and every time you have to flip a page you have to put your food down and hit the keyboard or mouse with that greasy finger of yours over and over again? Not only will you not enjoy your food, your keyboard and mouse are now all screwed up. Well now you can just speak to Comics++ with your mouth full of food to ask it to go to next page!

edit: Pushed date back by 2 weeks. This release will include a new settings infrastructure which will support per book canvas settings and importable/exportable setting profiles.

edit2: Mostly finished just need to check a few things. Hopefully sometime in October.

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