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Comics++ Release Notes
Comics++ Release Notes:

File Browser Additions
- New* Favorites section (add to favorite unlimited number of books!)
    Note that favorites are tracked by the root folder you picked. In order to make unlimited number of favorites it must be tracked by the base folder. This is an unfortunate limiation of the Windows UWP apps.
- New* Most Recent section (up to 25 most recently read books displayed)
- New* Read Status (mark as read, in progress, unread) and page progress bar
- New* Sort and filter (by name, data, read status, file type)
- New* List modes - auto, list, and thumbnail; auto defaults to list mode for folders with more than 50 books

File Browser Improvements
- Folders and files are now merged into a single view
- Book item listing has been shrunk to fit better on mobile screens
- Folder and book count is added on the top right corner
- Folders can now be deleted

General Improvements
- Animation now plays correctly for top to bottom view in progressive advance
- Continuious top to bottom progressive advance now works correctly
- Prev/Next book is now greyed out rather than showing the flyout message if at the start/end of the book list
- Activated books outside of the in-app file browser can now access next/prev if the folder is within the in-app file browser's root folder

Bug Fixes

- Fixed decompression issues in certain RAR archives showing blank pages
- Fixed lack of momentum scroll when at beginning/end of book
- Fixed in--archive file name sorting to be case sensitive which ordered certain pages wrong for certain archives

Known Issues
Most recent list not actually sorted by the last accessed item. This is another Windows MRU list issue which we'll do an custom implementation in the future to have the correct order.
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