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Comics++ ETA week of March 6th 2017
Hey hey hey! We are making another Comics++ release coming around week of March 6th 2017. This will mark as the 2nd anniversary since the release Comics++. We've come a long way and thanks to all the readers for the support. Amazing people.

Anyways will bring a much improved file browser and fixes and quality of life improvements suggested by our users.

File Browser Improvements:
- New* Favorites section (add to favorite unlimited number of books!)
- New* Most Recent section (up to 25 most recently read books displayed)
- New* Read Status (mark as read, in progress, unread) and Page Progress
- New* Sort and filter (by name, data, read status, file type)
- New* List mode - no thumbnails, and auto list mode for large directories with lots of books!

Improvements were also made to scrolling and animation.

Detailed release notes will be available after official release. Please continue to support our efforts!

We also have amazing announcement of what to come after Things that' have never been attempted before in comic book readers, or any reader for that matter!
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