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Bookmarks and reading place saved to microsoft account for cross PC access
So I recently discovered this app and I love it. It is perfect for reading on both my desktop and my touch screen 2 in 1 laptop without any unnecessary bloat.

However there is one thing missing that I would like to see if at all possible.

And that is for my bookmarks and where I was in a comic book issue to be shared across my two PC's.

I do store my comics in MS's onedrive which is how I have access to them on both of my PC's if that is relevant. Maybe the bookmarks and reading place can be saved to a file where something like OneDrive or another cloud service allow both PC's to use it?

Quite frankly I have no idea if it is even possible as a feature but if it is possible it would be awesome to see.
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This should be possible. We'll explore adding this after making additions to the file browser. Thanks for using our app!

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