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Pinch controls
I've used Comics++ for years and have always found it very comfortable to use. My laptop's touch pad works like a tablet screen. I am able to pinch to zoom in and out and use two fingers to scroll. I enjoyed being able to zoom in and move around the page.

This functionality used to work well with Comics++ and was the number one reason I used it over other cbr readers. I haven't used Comics++ in a while, so this may be due to the latest update (I'm not sure when that was), but this functionality seems to have been removed.

Is there a way for me to turn it back on? Searching the settings hasn't brought up much for me.

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We built a new canvas since so it works differently from the old one. Pinch zoom on a touch pad should work, just make sure the mouse is actually hovered over the the image you are trying to zoom. However for moving around we only have click and drag, or scroll.
Ah I see. Thank you for your reply. Is there way for me to revert back to the old version?
If you really want to use the old version pm me your email associated with your Windows store account. I can add you to the store distribution list only download only the old version. But do note that you will no longer receive updates if you on this list.

On a laptop or pc I would simply recommend using our new keyboard controls. If you want to see everything zoomed in use Fit to Width and top to bottom reading direction with progressive advance. Then you can just tap space to advance little by little.

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