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Feature Request
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Feature Request
Please add this features in to the Comics++, it would be more amazing

1. Zoom lock (fixed zoom, like keep a fixed sized zoom for the every image while reading, similar to the existing actual size option)
2. Fill image screen width/ length, fit the screen option (OK, Already available in settings, totally my fault )
3. Open with shell integration for zip & rar (for some reason it can't be added as Default Programs in windows, please check)
4. Folder thumbnail to view what is inside a folder (the DIR is great feature, but i was talking about a folder containing cbz/cbr/zip/rar file)
5. read comics from next folder after the last one (thanks for considering this)
6. File browser improvements (search, filter, read status, and list mode) (it is known to be added in the next version)
7. webp support
8. double click zoom for touch & easy zoom using mouse for pc
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