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Did something change in the touch navigation?
I loved this program but now something has changed that makes it very difficult for me to love.

I read comics on a Windows tablet and when viewing a vertical page (fit width) if you touch the right hand side it would scroll up a bit, you touch it again it would scroll up a bit more etc until it got to the bottom of the page then you touch it again it would go to the next page.

This worked really well for me.

Unfortunately now as soon as you touch the right hand side it changes the page instantly.

I am forced to manually drag scroll with my finger and that is slow and awkward because if I do not move my finger in a completely straight line it shows part of the page before or the page after before snapping back to the current page.

I hate it.

Is there any way I can get back to the way it used to be?

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hi looseleaf I'm a bit confused to the "touch to scroll feature" you described as we never had this feature? I just tested on the old version on both Win8/Win10 with fit to width and tapping left/right side of the screen advances to the next page. If you are talking about the missing vertical scroll bar you can scroll with the mouse wheel since the last hotfix (, new canvas does not have scrollbar), but touch was never supported on the scrollbar unless you had a mouse to intervene.

Regardless this is a very easy feature to add with the new canvas we'll add it as an setting so you can turn this on in the next version! (expect it in 1-2 weeks).

I hope this helps!

edit: I think I know what you are talking about now. Are are asking to "snap" to only vertical scroll, if your finger generally moves in a vertical direction? If that's the case this is a one line code change, we'll add this back soon. I would also suggest using our new top to bottom reading direction to avoid this problem in the meantime.
I'm sure I wasn't imagining the "touch to scroll" function. Maybe it was just an unintended consequence.

Is there some way I can get a copy of the previous version to check I'm not going crazy (or maybe I am)?

Anyway thanks for the reply.
I you really want to use the old version pm me your email associated with with your Windows app store account, I'll be able to deliver the old version to you via the store. Note that this overrides the latest releases unless I take you off the list.
Progressive Forward has been added as an option for (will be on the store soon). There is no animation for the scroll yet we'll add that in the future. Also fixed the scroll rail lock and snapping issue.

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