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Comics++ (and hot fixes) Release Notes
Comics++ is finally here! This version brings big canvas overhaul, few smaller features, and many fixes and enhancements. The new boasts significant memory saving and flexibility in its display capabilities. In addition, many canvas features are now accessible via the keyboard.

Comics Hot fixes
- Fixed crash when you don't have a book open and try to touch the screen
- Fixed crash when changing screen size near the beginning of the book
- Added vertical scroll with mouse wheel
- Added limit to how fast user can scroll with scroll wheel/touchpad

Comics++ Release Notes
- New canvas architecture
    - Page modes: One Page, Two Page, Continuous
    - Reading directions: Left to Right, Right to Left, Top to Bottom
    - Animation when changing pages
    - Significantly reduced memory usage for large books
- Added new keyboard controls
    - Left/Right/PgUp/PgDown to go forward and back a page
    - Space bar to advance to next page
    - Home/End to jump to beginning/end of book
    - 1 = One Page Mode, 2 = Two Page Mode, C/3 = Continuous Mode
    - X for Next Book, Z for Prev Book
    - D to switch reading direction
    - O to switch between horizontal to vertical reading direction
   - Ctrl + scroll wheel to zoom (or pinch zoom)
- Added virtual brightness to reduce brightness of the canvas
- Page thumbnail order now follows the reading direction
- Next/Prev book now follows the reading direction
- Added Polish translation thanks to galon3/KStef
- Fixed RAR decompression issues in some archives resulting in bad images
- Fixed a hangs that can occur when loading pages
- Fixed crashes in a few places

Because this is a relatively large release, there must be issues that we didn't catch.
I will be updating the user guide to reflect the latest changes over the next month.
Please direct all issues to the forum first. Thank You!


Two page mode explained
Two page mode is one of the exciting new modes added in We are handling its mechanics more intelligently compared to some other readers. The basic idea is: always try to fit two pages, otherwise don't (for example extra wide pages). We put a lot of effort making the visual asynchronous to ensure a smooth and responsive control to make everything look intuitive and natural.

One thing you'll notice is that two page always force fits full page. This is to ensure that two page mode is actually useful. Often if you use any other fit modes the page ends up being larger than the screen which defeats the purpose of two page mode. Secondly we force preload before and after buffer to 3 to ensure that when you do scroll back and forward it would minimize delay in loading in pages that wouldn't disrupt the reading experience.

We also introduced top to bottom two page mode. Some of the recent digital comics releases are in landscape rather than traditional portrait (i.e. Injustice). So if you like to read in portrait and still want the benefit of two page, just select top to bottom reading direction along with two page mode to get the top down two page effect.

Finally, zoom is fully supported in two page mode. You'll notice that as you zoom page order is adjusted in real-time to reflect whether the page should be combined or not. The page that do not fit after zoom are scroll smoothly out of view, and page scrolls back in if now deemed fitting.

Please let us know what you think of the two page mode and whether or not you like our implementation!
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