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keyboard and mouse navigation **** added as of
thanks for making this app, it's very compact and efficient

i use this on a laptop without touchscreen though and in using it it makes it a bit akward to have to move to the mouse to a certain part of the screen to navigate.

so is it possible to make it so that different kinds of mouse clicks anywhere do different things in the pc
left click =next
right click = back
both = menu and scroll bar

also the keyboard doesnt seem to be a working navigation tool and it would be great if just the simple left right arrow navigation was there
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You should be able to use the pgup/pgdown to go forward and back. We had to disable the arrow keys because they conflicted with the default keys of the image canvas.

With that being said, the next build will have completely new custom keyboard implementation which will allow full keyboard control. We've already added them in our internal build such as arrow keys scrolling, space bar to advance to next page, canvas rotation/reading direction hotkeys, and intend to add more.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll probably add an option for users to customize controls in the future.
A full set of keyboard controls has been added see the release notes for details!

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