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Request: Stop image blur when zoomed in **** auto downsize can be disabled in
I am very happy with your app, and I wrote a nice review in the Windows Store.
One of the things I really like is that text looks great on Comics++ when zoomed out while in other apps it looks terrible.
It makes a huge difference and your app is the only one that looks good.

The one problem I have with Comics++ is that text looks terrible when zoomed in.
It would be great if there was better quality when zooming in while keeping the great quality you already have when zoomed out.

Most of my comics are cbz with jpg's with resolution around 4000x6000.
The issue I described happens on all of my Windows 10 PCs.

Printscreen from ComicJolt
[Image: jolt3_zpsexayoj8q.png]

Printscreen from Comics++
[Image: plusplus3_zpsei6x5hby.png]
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Thanks for the review!

We limit the max resolution of an image to about 1080p resolution. The reason for this is Windows uses an absurd amount of memory for high resolution of photos.

We will be including an option in the next release to allow disabling of auto down scale. But be warned that high resolution photos may crash the app as Windows store apps are memory limited.
Thanks for the reply.
I suppose 1080 makes sense when reading on a phone or 8 inch tablet.
There are a lot of new devices coming out with 4k screens and 8/16 GB of ram.
I hope they will work nicely with your app and high res comics when down scaling is disabled.
I look forward to trying the next update.

Option to disable auto downsize has been added
I haven't had too much time to play with the new version, but so far everything is working great.
My 4000x6000 comics look great zoomed in and out. On tablet with 2GB ram, no stability issues.

Thanks so much.

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