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Upcoming release (edit May 2016)
I'm hoping that the ETA for will be around edit: when its ready Smile. We might squeeze in a interim release before then but it is hard to say. This will be a big one with a rework of the display canvas that supports a 2-page mode with significant memory use reduction.

Features in include:
- Smart 2 page mode (auto adapts based on image sizes)
- Vertical scrolling mode
- Continuous vertical and horizontal reading mode mode (no snapping)
- Overall reduction in memory footprint, especially for large books
*- Dynamic PDF image scaling (resamples image on zoom)
*- Option to hide on-screen buttons
**- Option to disable auto downsize (or people who likes to load unusually large resolution images which may crash the app)

*added as of
**added as of

Things beyond:
- Improvements to file browser (search, filter, read status etc)
- Mobile build scaling (currently it's usable but everything is a bit too big if you dont decrease the dpi)

Update 5/11/2016:
We are in the final stages of finishing 2 page mode. Initially continuous and 2 page mode only only feature 1 direction scrolling (full page fit only), and no zoom. They will be added after release. But trust me, they are awesome.
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