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ZIP files on preview not shown the first page (comic cover) ****use cover fetch depth

Very nice app ! Thanks to share this kind of work !
My OS is Windows 10.

When I load my library on Comics++ app, some ZIP files on preview not shown the first page (comic cover).
Find below the exemple of my library.

Do you have the same problem ?

Thanks for your help !

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we have an setting for that: Settings-> Cover Fetch Depth
if you pick the slowest option you will get the correct image
slower = more accurate, but it will be slow for large archives

archives are not guaranteed to be stored in alphabetical order. Your archive viewer actually sorts them for you after examining the archive contents. For large archives this process can be really slow thats why we have that setting! Let me know if it works for you.
Thanks ! That's work !

I did not know this function because in the french version of app the translation is not right. "Fetch épaisseur" could be "Affichage aperçu couverture". I know that because I am french, so sorry for my english !

This choice of function is really necessary ? It is not better to wait more time than to have an incomplete information ?

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