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Quality of large pics is abnormally low. **** auto downsize can be disabled
Examples of large pictures are attached.

Viewing them in Comic++, pic B significantly blurs in "fit to width" mode, compared with pic A.

Further more, I noticed that pic B is smaller than pic A in width in "actual size" mode. However actually the two pics are the same in width.

Pictures are converted by 'ImageMagick-6.9.1-9-Q16-x64-dll.exe'.

Though the quality is abnormally low, the pic is unusually large. So few people may encounter this problem I guess.
If it is hard to fix, I can get used to it since it is not unrecognizable.

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This is intended behavior. The 1049b.png is about 4 million pixels and gets downscaled automatically.

We set the the limit the image render to about 2 million pixels (around 1080p resolution, exact number I forgot). The reason for this is Windows SDK cannot reliably handle large resolution images. From what I recall a 16megapixel picture can take up a few hundred megabytes of memory. It uses absurd amount of memory which can crash the app since all Windows store apps are memory limited.

Perhaps we can add some sort of option for you manually limit the render size, and issue a warning of crash. Like an "Automatically Downscale" checkbox setting.

I've reported the SDK bug to Microsoft awhile ago and they are not fixing it Sad
The metro system seems to be so inmature although born so many years ago.

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