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2-page mode - It will be added, and why it's difficult to get it right *added
This is the most requested feature. This was meant to be a part of the initial release but after much design review this is actually really difficult to do it right.

Mainly because:
- pages that are wider than half screen width should not be combined
- page loads requires ordering logic (i.e. page 1 fits but page 2 doesn't, do you just display page 1 with other half being blank? What if page 2 is much larger than page 1 which stalls the loading time? Do we just display page 1 first and wait for page 2 as it loads or wait until both finishes loading?)
- internal page count becomes dynamic (i.e. rather than have a fixed number of pages in the book, say 100, you can't just halve the page count due to the above points)

Our loading architecture currently does not account for any of this because 2 page load requires almost a completely different page load and handling mechanic.

We will add this feature. But it will take awhile to get it right! Let's be optimistic and say it will be added by New Year first half of 2016 Cool.

Update: added as of
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