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Comics++ Release Notes + Windows 10 Release
This release welcomes native Windows 10 port along with big overhaul to display scaling!

Comics++ Release

- Native Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform App port. Comics++ will also be available on Windows 10 mobile!
    *Windows 10 mobile UI will be improved further in future but it is quite usable right now!
    *Bottom app bar is now accessible by tapping on the button in lower left corner
- Charms bar has been abandoned
- All settings and help are now directly accessible from the ap interface
- Quick access bar has been removed
- Top app bar is now accessible by tapping anywhere on the screen
- Language has been merged into settings
- UI scaling now works well on all screen resolution and display sizes. Try reading from a tiny window it looks great!
- File browser now takes up the whole screen
- Various crash, bug fixes, and UI tune ups

note that Windows 10 version number is always x.x.1.0 higher than 8.1
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Win 10 fixes are slightly delayed as my workstation died Sad still waiting for parts to come in.

Let's say best case scenario release around the end of this month

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