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  • 5 ETA Week of Aug 31st - Native Windows 10 build
Let me tell ya Windows 8.1 to 10 port is not as simple as Microsoft said it would be (cringe at the iOS and Android people who wants to port their app to Universal App). Preview Release Notes

- Native Windows 10 port, true Universal App. This means Comics++ will be available for Windows 10 Phones!
- Charms bar has been abandoned. All settings and help popups are now directly accessible from the app interface
- Quick access bar has been removed and consolidated into the top app bar (note that quick access bar was a temp fix for Windows 10 accessibility issues due to removal of charm bar. Any bug introduced with the quick access bar will all disappear)
- Language selection has been merged into Settings
- Small screen optimization has been made to accommodate tiny resolution devices (though we recommend min resolution of 840 x 480)
- Various crash bug fixes small touch ups in UI here and there

Stay tuned!
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