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Comics marked as read being marked as unread
for some reason now all of a sudden the comics i've already read have been "marked as not read"/read progress on those are gone. If i try selecting all of them and then marking as read, once i refresh it goes back to "not read". Please fix.
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I could not reproduce this. Can you include a screen recording of this issue? or a screenshot of the file browser with the files that you are having issues with?

Also your bug description is inconsistent with the topic headline. Was there a crash or app not able to save items marked as read? Please provide an accurate recount of what happened otherwise it's difficult to understand what is actually the issue.

So I've read The Flash: Rebirth Issues 1 and 2 and so when I go back to where the comics are (the folder which contains the 6 Issues, I'm on the 3rd) it says that Issue 1 is unread. If I try to manually mark it as read then it will mark it as read, but if I reload, click on the up arrow, or close the app than it gets marked unread again. I've attached a screen recording (link) of the problem if it helps. Please help, thanks in advance.

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