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Solid RAR files
I have a bunch of old cbr (rar) files. I believe they were originally compressed as a "solid" archive. Comics++ only displays the first image in the archive (the UI looks as if there is only one page).

Personally, I have used SevenZipSharp.dll to access these archives programmatically.

Great app by the way. By far, the best Windows 8 comic viewer that I've seen. The killer feature is the file browser that is usable enough to handle a large library of files.
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Thanks for the kind words!

We looked into SevenZipSharp long ago basically it cannot be used for windows store app because it uses 7z.dll which doesn't pass Windows Store Certification and is using restricted API.

There's no guarantee whether it'll be added but I can experiment with adding solid decompression support in libarchive (that is what we use, and had to be modified to pass certification). From what I read quickly off the interwebs solid decompression does not seem like a good candidate for us because the entire archive is compressed into one huge chunk, and in order to decompress one file you need decompress all files before it. So performance wise it is every expensive for a on-the-fly decompression.

But I wont know how awful it will be until I try it out Cool

If you happen to have a sample rar you can provide me with solid compression that'd be great. I'll go try and create one myself as well.
That explanation makes sense to me.

I can just create a simple command-line utility to recompress any solid RARs into ZIPs or non-solid RARs.

Thanks for a great app!

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