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update for the cbr-reader?
Hi, here and there I get comics in cbr that bring up an Loading Error: Possibily corrupt file (this is a typo, right?). Sorry, I can't share the comics here, but I guess they are made with a newer rar-Version. I can decompress them with 7zip and compress them as normal cbz and comics++ is able to read it. Any chance for an update of your decompressor?

My Microsoft Store claims I have installed version In the app-help its still 1.4.7, but maybe you just forgot updating this text. I can use drag&drop to open files, which is an 1.4.8-feature.

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The rar is likely rar5 and we don't currently support it. I would add it but it's going to take awhile. I recommend just unzipping it or convert it to a different type of archive like you mentioned.

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