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Make File browser use Covers on the Thumbnail
Greetings, amazing app.

there is a change that I would for it to do though, I would like the file browser to show the first image that is in each file, which is usually the cover of the comic. In some thumbnails it shows the 5th or another image and it is difficult for me to understand what comic I am looking at if I don't read the description.
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There's an option for this in the settings, it's called "Cover Fetch Depth"

When files are archived they don't necessarily archive in alphabetical order. So a deep fetch will scan through all files to find the first entry alphabetically, which can be very slow if the archives contains hundreds+ of pages.
Ok, now I see. I just have to choose Full Search(very heavy) if I want the app to fetch the cover and not a random image from the file, it just becomes slower. The bad thing is that I have an enormous collection and it keeps refreshing every time I go back and forth on the folders and it sometimes lags for quite some time....Since it is in the rules to reference existing apps and so I believe I don't break any Forum rules, maybe you should look for how Comiralia from the Microsoft Shop handles this. It uses the generic Windows file explorer maximized to fit the whole screen and if you put everything to show in Extra Large Icons it looks good and it is very fast and effective. Thank you.
This is by design. We don't cache thumbnails because it's a resource intensive feature that doesn't fit the lightweight theme of the app. And AFAIK windows file explorer does not create thumbnails for archives, any that does it uses some sort of shell extension which we don't support.

You can try somewhat deep option, which doesn't scan the entire archive which is still relatively quick but might not fetch the right cover.

I would recommend organizing your comic books into folders with small numbers rather than having hundreds of them in the same folder. Alternatively, try the list view instead of thumbnail view which is very fast even for hundreds of files. This is infact the default behavior if the app detects many files in the folder.
Ok I will do that, thank you.

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