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Full Screen Icon
Hello, could you consider creating an icon that will toggle full screen on/off?

By going to tablet mode the widows bar is still visible.
I know it can be done by pressing the WIN+SHIFT+ENTER combination and if you are already in full screen mode you can get off, by going to the far upper right corner and pressing the middle button. Perhaps a button in the reading menu that imitates the WIN+SHIFT+ENTER combination?
Great app by the way. Thank you.
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Ok, so my mistake, I just saw the "Fullscreen" button on the bottom right screen corner. I had missed it. To my defense it is very small and faint, if the page has many colors, it is practically invincible and you have to have the on-screen buttons option on, in order to see it. Also in tablet mode, you have to have the "automatically hide the taskbar" on, so you can view the program on Fullscreen without pressing the button. Maybe if you like, make it more visible, 'cause I may not be the only one who missed it.
The on-screen buttons are made that way on purpose. Much like the invisible next/prev on screen buttons, they are meant to not pollute the screen if you decide to leave them on. There is even an option to make them invisible.

I agree that people may miss the buttons on their first viewing. The better approach to solve it would be make them stand out initially somehow like through different color/animation/tooltip so you are aware of them then allow you to adjust the setting as you please. May add in the future.
Now that I have seen the buttons, it is perfect the way it is. I had just made the mistake to turn off the on-screen button option, before I start messing with the app, so I never saw the buttons and got frustrated thinking that it didn't have that option, I searched here for a solution and I saw a much older post, about the lack of a fullscreen button and the solution being the tablet mode, that's why I asked for it. One solution that I can think off, if that helps, is under the "on-screen buttons" on/off option in the menu, to clarify with small letters what those are, for example fullscreen toggle, go to page etc. so no newcomer messes it up again, like me.

One more suggestion I would like to do and I will be out of your hair, because I feel I overstayed my welcome, is to give us the option to select what background color we want on the Comics Library menu or better yet, create a fixed Dark Theme with your aesthetic. While I am reading the comic with the black upper and bottom menus, it seems kind of odd to suddenly see white background when I enter the Comics Library. And I know I am pushing it too far but maybe change the "File Browser" and "Pick Browser" buttons to something different from each other and less generic. I hope I did not offend. Great great app, I've being using "CDisplayEx" for far too many decades. It was time to change. Thank you for your time.
good suggestion, noted thanks

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