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Document level fixed zoom option for page/image fit

Firstly, many thanks for creating this beautiful application and maintaining it. I love the intuitive approach in terms of design and features.

My request is for ability to zoom in on a single page (or two page mode) and maintain that zoom level for following pages. As of now, the zoom level is retained for that particular page (which is nice). But if we could apply that for whole comic, it would be great.

Currently image fit has 4 options (Fit to Height, Fit to Width, Fit Full Page, Actual Size). This could be an addition here for Custom Fit.

Requested feature is essentially to facilitate, for when Fit to Height is too small to read the text and Fit to Width is too large to view the whole picture/scene of a comic. I hope I managed to explain the requirement.

Thank you so much Smile
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Document level fixed zoom option for page/image fit - redninja - 08-15-2020, 11:26 AM

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