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Some pages (at random) don't load at all
Hi and first of all let me say thank you to all staff for this wonderful app.

I'm having an issue where, to a rate of 50% of times, more or less (depending on the file) whenever I open a .cbz or .cbr file, some pages are completely missing, and the program only shows the background (set to my preferred brightness).

The temporary solution I found to this was to simply open the file again. Then, the page which was missing when I reloaded the file starts showing again. However, by reading on I find most of times that yet another page is missing, having to reopen the file again and so on. Sometimes the file loads completely with all pages, and I can read the Manga til the end with no problems, but this is rare.

I don't think it's a problem with the files because they are various and from different sources. Moreover, they open with no issues in other softwares I tried. Yours, however, is my favorite for its simplicity and touch screen friendly interface. Would hate to abandon it because of this annoyance.

I'm using Windows 10 on a Lenovo Yoga Book tablet, in vertical orientation (I dont know if the problem happens in horizontal orientation because I don't use it this way).

It would be great if this got looked into, sometime.

If you need any more information on my part please inquire.

Thank you and once again congratulations on such a wonderful app!
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Some pages (at random) don't load at all - psycho_fox - 11-30-2018, 06:12 AM

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