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Ver. does not respond keyboard page-down/up **** fixed as of
(09-10-2015, 12:15 PM)Ninja_Gah Wrote:  yes thats the indicator for the focus i was talking about it'll be removed since it messes with the immersion experience

what unpredictable bookmark problem were you referring to? we didnt touch the bookmark manager in the last release

For example, when I bookmark page 34, I see page 32 is bookmarked instead of page 34.
Then when I try to jump to this bookmark named page 32, I find myself at page 33.

At some other pages, when I bookmark, eg, 45, I see page 44 bookmarked, whose thumbnail correctly refers to page 45, which acts as designed (knowing the page number starting from 0 issue).

I couldn't find a pattern so it did annoy me a lot.

However I have never encountered the first issue since upgraded.

If you are interested in debugging the previous version, I can provide my pic series file. Leave me an email add. if so.

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