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4K/HighDPI Support on Windows 10 Desktop
You have a nice app, but I think it's missing proper High DPI support.
I am using it with my UHD desktop display, 3840x2160 on Windows 10.
The interface icons and text look nice and crisp, but the text in PDF files renders blurry.
Also, when looking at a comic and selecting the actual size option, I expect the comic to look small and crisp, the same way the native Windows Photos App shows, not big and blurry.
If you could add HighDPI support, it would greatly improve my reading experience.
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Can you try turning off auto downsize and see if it fixes your issue? You can access that in Settings.

We limit all rendering to 2megapixels (which is 4 times less than 4k display thus the blurriness) by default because large resolution images use a lot of memory. Turning it off will disable downsizing.

Let me know thanks!
It's blurry with auto downsize turned off too.
ok I'll look into it.

What % size are you using?
% size? I'm using the Actual size option on a 1266x1650 sized png cbz. Also, the PDF's render blurry on all size settings. Well, not blurry, the text looks exactly like an non-HiDPI aware app looks.
I meant the % size set in Windows Settings (System->Display)
Also after disabling auto downsize do you still experience blurriness for non PDF files?
(06-25-2016, 06:13 PM)Ninja_Gah Wrote:  I meant the % size set in Windows (System->Display)
Oh. 200%. And yes, the text is still blurry. Actually, scratch that. When using fit full page the image looks the same as the Windows viewer, but the actual size option produces a bigger and blurrier image than the option in the Windows viewer. If I use the Ctrl- to resize, it becomes crispier at a smaller size, but still not pixel-perfect like the Windows option does. Now, the PDF viewer definitely has something wrong going on - if I use the Fit to Height, or Fit Full Image it produces a crisp image, which stays crisp when using Ctr+ to increase the size. But if I use the Actual size, or the Fit to Width option it becomes a blurry mess.
im getting this too, while im on a 1080p monitor with 150% under display settings. I used Fit to Height and it's not that blurry anymore, any other choice gives me a crisp image, but once i zoom in/out (i have a touchscreen btw) the image is suddenly blurry, which i do no see in Reader app (microsoft one, that comes with win 8 and downloadable for win 10). It would be also good to add "Reset Zoom" button somewhere, it may help, maybe...

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