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Windows 8.1 support
I was wondering if it would be possible to publish a build targeted at the Windows 8/8.1 app store.

Many older tablet CPUs, such as Atom processors (eg. Atom Z3740 on the VivoTab Note 8) and 1st gen "Arrandale" Core processors (eg. Core i5-470UM on the EP121) perform much better in the Windows 8.1 environment.

It would be great to have a high quality comic reader like Comics++ for these devices, so that they can function as nice secondary media tablets.

If there are some Win10 specific dependencies, I could try to look into substituting in Win 8/8.1 compatible ones. I have a little bit of programming background and would be happy to volunteer some time to bring Comics++ to a wider audience.

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Years ago we dropped 8.1 support because the user base was less than 5%. I would expect the the user base to be even less now. Window 8.1 to 10 transition was not trivial and the effort it would take to support 8.1 again is very significant, not to mention the fact that mainstream support for Win8.1 has ended long time ago. So unfortunately it's not something we want to support.

I personally have the Vivotab note 8 with Windows 10 on it. I don't find it any worse than 8.1 in terms of performance. I would recommend doing a clean install and get rid of any bloatware on it.

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