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Comics++ Release Notes - Ninja_Gah - 04-15-2015

This release mainly focuses on performance and stability issues:

- Added a new async page load scheduler that vastly improved performance when rapidly flipping through pages; you should no longer see hangs or crashes due to flipping pages too fast
- Fixed memory leak when switching books and flipping pages too fast
- Fixed certain JPG encoding that crashes the app when generating thumbnails
- Unusually large resolution images are now automatically downscale to reduce memory footprint and prevent out of memory crashes (limited at around 2.5million pixels)
- Reduced max preload buffer from 10 to 3; 10 was way too much
- As a result PDF loading performance has been significantly increased

Memory footprint will further be optimized in the future.

Thanks again for using Comics++!

Sneak preview for next release: Language localization!

RE: Comics++ Release Notes - Ninja_Gah - 05-17-2015