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delete folder **** added in - rupa - 11-24-2016

tryinq to switch from android to win10 and have two improvements to suggest.

1.  i see you can delete on a per-book basis.  Please add ability to delete on a per-folder basis.  Also being able to multi select books would be nice.

2.  in the file browser, please show the filecount in each folder too (and maybe when you add read status a read / unread count)

I don't want to detract from such a well done app, just trying to offer useful suggestions...

RE: delete folder - Ninja_Gah - 11-26-2016

You're in luck because we are developing everything you mentioned plus more, in fact both your points are already available in our internal build.

We're making many improvements to the file browser so stay tuned!

btw multi select is already available, tap the button on the with the checkmarked list in the file browser