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WEBP support - darian - 08-02-2015

Please support the WEBP image format or this app is useless to me. Thanks.

RE: WEBP support - Ninja_Gah - 08-05-2015

I like how you think our app is useless and made the effort to create an account and make a post

We'll look into it get back to you

RE: WEBP support - krbonatd - 05-17-2018

I would like to revive the feature request for WebP support. It's not an issue of life and death as it seems to be to the original requester. Most of my comics are obviously compressed jpg folders, but there are occasional ones with WebP instead. At the moment the app says the file does not contain any images.


RE: WEBP support - Ninja_Gah - 05-17-2018

After we're done with our current feature experimentation we'll add webp support. Its actually fairly easy to add now as OpenCV natively supports webp.

RE: WEBP support - SnailBZ - 02-18-2022

I'd be interested in this too - there are a lot of tools to convert cbz files to use WebP internally and doing often saves 50% or more on file sizes.