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[Bug] Windows 10 - No menu ****Quick access bar added as of - trDiablo - 06-16-2015

Install application from beta store -> difficult but finally Ok
Launch application -> Ok

Upload file from browser -> Ok
Open and show file -> Ok, it's possible to navigate from page to page

Find no way to come back to the menu for browsing an other file ?

My configuration is Surface Pro 3 with windows 10 beta build 10130.


RE: [Bug] Windows 10 - No menu - Ninja_Gah - 06-20-2015

thanks for the report!

have you tried right click or swipe from edge of screen to bring back the file browser?

We currently do not support Windows 10 as it is not yet released. However we will be migrating to universal app for Win10 in late July/early August so it should be fully compatible with win10 around that time frame during the win10 launch.

RE: [Bug] Windows 10 - No menu - trDiablo - 06-26-2015

Thanks for answer.

Don't hesitate to publish early version on Windows 10 beta store.
Currently it is not possible to use the application, all the touch functions are not working.
It's just possible to start app, load book(s) and read one.

Wait for testing new apps Smile