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Please add the option for dark app mode - Cl11tch - 08-18-2021

I feel like having the option for dark theme/mode is great like in the file browser/library part or in the app in general so if you're reading at night or don't like a lot of light then you can turn on dark mode. Adding on, I was testing out comic book reader apps and there was one, it was called "Cover" and I liked it because of how clean it's interface looked and it was dark themed but I'm pretty sure it gave the option for a light mode as well. I deleted it because it was limited and you had to pay for it so when I stumbled across this app I tried it out and to be honest, I love it as it's nice simple, great library/file browser and features, not a lot of limitations but what would make it better would be a option for dark mode. Thanks and keep up the good work Comics++ Smile