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Full Version: RUSSIAN translate
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Again, I apologize for my speech. Google translate.
I really liked your application for its simplicity and practicality. But I'm tired of laughing at phrases from Google translator. And so I decided to help you and also translate the text.
I also like the English version, but it would be nice to see my normal native language.

But there is a problem in a few words.
[Image: 9olWLqW.jpg]

[Image: jIsQz7e.jpg]
For example, if a number is followed by the word "Folder" (Папка), the ending of the word will be different for a small fraction of the numbers.
1 ПапкА (1 Folders) | 1 КнигА (1 Books)
2 ПапкИ (1 Folders) | 2 КнигИ (2 Books)
3 ПапкИ (2 Folders) | 3 КнигИ (3 Books)
4 ПапкИ (3 Folders) | 4 КнигИ (4 Books)
5 ПапОК (4 Folders) | 5 Книг (5 Books)
6 ПапОК (5 Folders) | 6 Книг (6 Books)
7 ПапОК (6 Folders) | 7 Книг (7 Books)
8 ...

And if you read all in one copy (1, 5, 6... папкИ "Folders"),this is not acceptable for our language.
But if you swap the number and the word, the situation changes dramatically! The same thing was done in Windows.
And the ending of the word will always be the same.
[Image: ykHdj1d.jpg]

My suggestion is to do so (n - any number):
Books: n - Книг: n
Folders: n - Папок: n

Folders selected: n - Выбрано папок: n

I can't say for sure, but I think it will be acceptable for other languages as well. But I can also be wrong ;[
Or you can make a separate permutation of words and numbers for the Russian language. Or enter a spelling rule for groups of numbers: (1) (2 3 4) (5...)
Otherwise, I do not see an option, only how to leave the English version of "n Books", "n Folders", " n Selected folders" or accept Google translation :[

File with three problem words, they are highlighted and translated (line 15, 20, 21)

It was also nice to see the new file .xlf
It is possible to immediately translate, nothing complicated there. Except those three words.

I hope you understand me.
If not, willing to help to explain. :}
thank you for your hard work. I've been swamped with regular work for awhile now once I have some downtime I'll add your translations.