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Full Version: jpg contained in rar skip some pages
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Some of my manga are rar containing jpg.
Following a couple of loaded page will be one black slot not loading that page, the page number will say eg 100-102, when 101 is not showing.
I have to call up the menu at the bottom, selected a page far from this one, then click back, this page will be properly loaded, but 2 pages later, the next page doesn't load.
It's difficult to say what the exact problem is from your description as a page failing to show up could be related to many things.

- what is your system spec?
- where are you loading the file from (ssd, hd, network drive etc)
- how big is the rar file? are images very high resolution?
- were you flipping very fast through the pages?
- did you try setting preload buffer to 3/3? Is auto-downsize on?

if you could pm me a link to where to get your achieve it would also help me to see if I could reproduce the issue. The only known case where I have reproduced in the past is if an archive is opened remotely on a network/usb drive and the device has trouble keeping up the file streaming and live decompression and causing intermittent disconnects.