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Full Version: Help us translate Comics++! (Updated Aug 2016)
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With Comics++ release, we introduced localized translations for several popular languages based on our use base.

However, you are going to notice the translation may suck, and many parts missing. This is because we just used the Multilingual app toolkit , and skipped all areas with long sentences to prevent total embarrassment.

We want at minimum support the following additional languages:
Chinese Simplified

So we need your help! Keep Comics++ awesome by helping us provide accurate translations!

Below are two files that contain all of the static text in Comics++:

translation_short.txt - all short text
translation_long.txt - all long text

You can help us by providing a corresponding translation file in the exact format but in your language of choice. Each line represents one instance of translation. You will notice that the long file will have matching paragraphs as well. Simply post a thread titled "YOUR_LANGUAGE translation" and attach the translation file. Any language is welcome. If you do decide to help us, we will credit you in our app and website!

Thanks for the help we appreciate it!

edit Aug 29th 2016:
- new texts for translations added
edit Mar 12th 2017:
- new texts for translations added