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Full Version: FRENCH translation
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Thanks for Comics++ !

Here is a translation file for long sentences in French

I have two additional questions :
- are 1.2 and 1.3 files included in the two first or in addition ?
- you say you use Multilingual app toolkit : how about providing files in XLIFF format so translators could use the Multilingual Editor ?  (or use an open online platform as zanata which is very easy to use for translators) ; you could also include the strings that were already translated so translators could focus only on bad translations

Best regards,
The files are in addition to each other. There might be some short strings that might overlap but they are all separate files that needs to be translated.

Our xlf files are not very clean, mainly because of how Windows handles the labels require separate entries for different UI elements. For example we have a text block that says "Help" and a button that says "Help" that actually requires two separate labels. So many entries are just same/similar strings and you'd endup translating multiple times. The txt files I provided are manually cleaned by me make it very easy for you manage so you don't end up doing unnecessary work. Also it doesn't really make sense to translate only bad translations because we can't tell what is bad and what is not bad since we don't understand the language. So all I ask is the translator to translate everything so that it at least feels cohesive and came from a single source. I personally don't trust the online translator they are quite awful even for simple strings, but it's the best we got unless we dish out money Smile

And I'll look into services like Zanata seems like a useful app.

Thanks for the help! If you can include the translation for the other files I'll be sure to add them to the next build!
I obviously did not suggest you to tell what is bad or not Smile but to provide as well the automated translated strings as well so the translator could see what is good or bad ; in french 70% or short strings are correct, it is too bad to loose 70% of time re-translating it. Most translator tools provide suggested translation based on the edited file, so duplicates are not a problem. Whereas translate in notepad is quite an awful translator experience Smile
There is something wrong with Zanata, after registering it does not recognize my account, even after validation and 2 separate password resets.

Anyways here's the french xlf. There are a lot more than just duplicates, such as paragraphs split up into sentences or textblocks with formatting. I personally don't think this is easier to translate than the txt files. Buf if its actually easier for you then by all means.

thanks again!
Thank you, guys!