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Full Version: A better Progressive Formward **** fixed in
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I don't know if this should be posted in the Issues section, but it's more like a demand to make it better, it's working but not as expected. Please move if it's not the proper section.

If you check Zingbox (android app), when I use the vertical scroll, it keeps scrolling with the same amount vertically each time, but in your app's case, it scrolls with a specific amount but when it gets to the limit of another image, it scrolls it up to the top, instead of scrolling with that specific amount. This gets annoying when reading Korean manhuas/webtoons which are usually really long chunks of images, that are 1:10 ratio, not the same as 2:3 ratio of an ordinary paper.

I hope this gets a better management of this good feature. thanks again for this app.
Just to make sure you are talking about Continuous mode with progressive forward?

Yeah I don't think this was intended we'll fix this in the next build. Moved to bugs
Yes, sorry and thanks for moving my thread. Hope it gets fixed Smile