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Full Version: Night mode and other stuff **** virtual brightness added as of
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I decided to write a request that I really need. I often read at night and I'll be glad to turn down the brightness such as in Comicana. Lumia's screens are too bright even on the lowest level.

I'm used to tap on the screen to open the top bar (with settings and the file name) and trying to check the page number (when fade out). I'd be nice to see the page number while opening the bar.

The last request is the default screen rotation (force portrait or landscape mode, or auto detect, which would work as well as it works now).

Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes. I'm not good at English, it's my third language, but I'm working on it.
We'll definitely add a night mode in the future. We'll add show page number on tap as well. But they'll have to come after (which is coming soon!!!).

In terms of orientation, we chose not to include them long ago because screen orientation is ultimately managed by Windows (accessible via charms bar/action center bar), so it is mostly a redundant feature. Orientation preference is very subjective so auto detect doesn't really help either.
We've added a virtual brightness option in let us know if this works for!