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Full Version: POLISH translation
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Thank you for the wonderful program.
I hope that you will use my translation.
Thank you! We will add Polish to the next version and put your name in the credits.
Encoding changed (š -> ą ...), some mistakes fixed (mostly punctuation). I hope it's ok now.
Hey guys just letting you know that I've added Polish in to the app and it'll in be in the release. So thanks again for helping out.

I've also added a new translation file in the sticky that includes some text in the newer builds that didn't exist before. Feel free to translate that one as well Smile
Thanks. I noticed there are lots of Comics++ users in Poland, so they'll be glad to see the translated version. There's my translation, which sounds natural and means almost the same as the original version.
Is galon3 and KStef the same person?

Anyways Polish is added as of it should be up in the store within the next day. Let me know if it works well for you. Thanks again for the help!
Translations file is added to the sticky. Feel free to update Smile