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Full Version: Crash loop on startup
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If the app happens to crash while reading a book, you will end up in a crash loop. This is because every time you launch the app it will reload the book on the page where you left off, and crash again. This is most likely due to bad archive files or corrupted image files within the archive.

A work around is to uninstall and reinstall the app and not load the same file. Please post the file here (or how we can fetch the file) so we can investigate the issue.

We have a fix for this in the next release to display blank pages instead of crashing. But there will most likely still be instances where it ends up in this crash loop for other reasons. We are also looking to implement a recovery mechanism in the future for dealing with crashes.

Update 3/1/2016

This issue is addressed in version If you are still encountering crash loop please make a post here thanks!